Teapot The Dew

Red Dot design award "best of best" 2014

The black tea and its accessories occupy the main market in shopping malls and supermarkets, while green tea, representing the true essence of tea culture, does not account for the mainstream market (although there have been

quite a number of people like to drink green tea in the west).

Green tea tea represents not only the tea culture, but is healthier than its competitor coffee, or even black tea, its own kind. So I think we should find a kind of product which can better promote green tea, and let the world

understand the culture of tea, and let more people understand and accept the healthy drink. Teapot is the best product for that.


The exterior of the upper part is designed into dew forms. When the water in the base is heated, steam will be pushed to the upper part. Users will see the process in which the tea of the upper part is being steeped.. The ‘dewdrops’ will become bigger and bigger and later, will gradually become small ones after they return to the lower part (like how dewdrops will gradually evaporate and shrink after the temperature rises). Therefore, the whole process is like the dewdrop, which accumulates, grows and finally disappears.