Smoke Printer

The city is not ideal, having a lot of flaws. Even so, can we overthrow it? Can we change the entire city? Of course we cannot, then how shall we adapt ourselves to it? In public places, people always ban all harmful behavior, but this

project try to can build a harmful-behavior tolerated public space where individual and the public could coexist without using enforcement. Since people is not flawless being, the product could fit the flaws of man as well as realize

the harmonious coexistence of man and his surroundings. 

People is prone to overlook his harmful behavior by itself. Only when he has to face the harm directly would he begin a real reflection of his improper behavior. Today the number of smokers in China reached 350 million, up to 540

million suffering from passive smoking, which is satire to the ads on smoking control. Smoking doesn’t seem to disappear completely in spite of the prohibition and criticizing. Then This project begin trying a completely different way of

thinking: if we can change the polluting smoke to useful things in our daily lives, what effect may it make to the smokers in considering their deed, and to the non-smokers? This project printed with smoke tar, its color, smell and

fashion could cause their reflection over smoking.