Smoking Garden

Smoking is usually prohibited and separated, and our attitudes to smokers are often criticizing, alienating and lack of respect. My design begins with smokers’ position and based on my respect to them. I provide them with an urban

landscape product which allows them the space for smoking. It is periodically scattered in the city, utilizing natural power of the plants to clean the air. It can solve the smoking problem of the city as well as creating for smokers a

relaxation environment. Ultimately, smokers can get along with the city very well. 

This project want to provide smokers a special place. It focus on the psychological treatment effect of landscape concept and tried to use the product that could bring positive effect to their heart and behavior. 

According to Buddhism philosophy, for anything in the universe there exists another corresponding that restricts and promotes it. This product use some corresponding thing to transform or break down the primary hazardous

particles in smoke. As a result It use the natural resource to decompose and absorb the hazardous smoke particles. Four types of plants are selected for the mission. They can effectively cleanse the air in certain space and make a

relaxing environment for smokers. As a result both smokers and non-smokercan get along well in this space.